Update: IA13 contains updated rules for Greater Daemons too!

ia13Forge World previewed the new Imperial Armour 13 on Monday and then tempted us with more details yesterday.

However, it sounded like the book was Chaos Space Marine and Renegades only, so I sent off a quick email to FW.

Q: “Can you tell me if the new IA13 will have updated rules for the greater daemons too?”

A: “IA13 will include updated rules for all of our Chaos 40k models.”
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HPC: Belial Complete


After almost two months I’ve finally finished up the Belial model I’ve been working on. There are a few reasons why this model has taken longer than the six models I did for the last part of the challenge (the Deathwing Knights). First and foremost, the model was made of finecast, which required a ridiculous amount of prepping. On the bright side, its multitude of issues gave me good examples to use for my finecast article. The second reason was that I really wanted to try some new things with this model, hopefully leading to something that I can enter into a painting competition if the opportunity arises.

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Tutorial: Prepping and Fixing Finecast models


Since I’m currently putting together a Deathwing force for the 2014 HPC, I thought it might be prudent to get a Belial model and paint him up. Unfortunately, this model is only available in the much loathed finecast material. The internet is abound with horror stories about how bad finecast models are, and with good reason. The models are quite pricey and often have many problems. This issue is compounded with the fact that GW stores don’t stock many finecast models that aren’t brand new, so picking through a pile for the best example is often not an option. On the bright side, the material is reasonably easy to work with, and from what I’ve heard GW has a great return policy on them if you aren’t satisfied. Aside from returning models ad nauseam though, you’re likely to settle on an imperfect model. Here are some tips to get it into tip-top shape.

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Product Review: Slip Grip Hobby Mat


As most people know, painting can be a particularly messy hobby. Add in the overspray of airbrushing and most work surfaces are doomed to become an acrylic caked jumble of colors. Enter the Slip Grip hobby mat, a product that claims to be Teflon-like in nature. Paints, adhesives, and more are stated to effortlessly wipe away, leaving behind only a clean work-space. Does it live up to these claims? I put it through its paces over the last 8 months to find out.

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Contest: 100 Facebook “Likes”

tX60rParty on Wayne – Party on Garth. We hit 69 (and then later we hit 70) likes today! I’m going to run a contest here. When we hit 100 likes I’ll give away a LUMP t-shirt with original art by Tracy Constantine (see the logo above). I’ve been meaning to make myself a shirt to wear to tournaments anyway. The winner will be randomly selected at the end of the month in which we reach 100 likes from the all of the people who “like” us on that date.  The “like” button on the right of the screen will take you to our Facebook page.  We publish our content, plus links to great hobby content you don’t see here on our Facebook page!

Editorial – Four Month Anniversary

Wednesday, January 22nd 2014, marked four months of operations here at the League of Underwhelming Miniature Painters (LUMP).  I hope we’re able to continue for many more months and years.  I want to reflect briefly on what we’ve done in the past two months and where we’re headed.  First, if you’re reading this, thank you for taking a few minutes to read our articles.  I hope you get something out of them because without an audience we’re not accomplishing much.  Second, we would appreciate any feedback you have.  If there is something you want to see more of, or just see, please let us know and we’ll do what we can to bring you new content.

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