Editorial – Two Month Anniversary

Today marks two months of operations here at the League of Underwhelming Miniature Painters.  I hope we’re able to continue for many more months and years.  I want to reflect briefly on what we’ve done in the past two months and where we’re headed.  First, if you’re reading this, thank you for taking a few minutes to read our articles.  I hope you get something out of them because without an audience we’re not accomplishing much.  Second, we would appreciate any feedback you have.  If there is something you want to see more of, or just see, please let us know and we’ll do what we can to bring you new content.


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Tablewar mini case on Kickstarter

One of my favorite gaming things is my Tablewar full-size case.  I’ll have to do a review of it in the near future, but I want to get the word out about the Tablewar mini case.  The kickstarter has 5 days left, so don’t get left out.


The project is fully funded and about $2500 away from the next stretch goal (trays for Privateer Press sized bases).  Anyway, if you like to take your models around to painting events or you have some really well done models that you want to travel with, take a peek at this guy and check out the Kickstarter.


Product Review: Custom secret objective markers and portalglyph

I’ve been tracking these for a few weeks now and I was able to get in and purchase them this morning.  Act quick because they’ve sold out twice already.

Fan Forge Products (which looks to be a guy in his garage/basement/office) has made some pretty cool objective markers and a portalglyph.  It was the later that caught my eye, but I figured I’d order some of the objective markers too if I was putting in the order.

You can see if he has any in stock here:

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Stripping and Strippers

Stripping paint from your models…wait, what did you think I was going to be talking about?  Anyway, sometimes you get a deal on a painted model that you want to strip the paint from because either it’s poorly painted, the paint scheme doesn’t match your army, or any of a hundred different reasons.  This leaves you with a dilemma, how do you get the paint off your model without damaging the model and details?

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Welcome to the League of Underwhelming Painters

While I am not a lump and I do not imply my gamer or painter friends are either, many of us who enjoy sedentary hobbies do tend to fall into that category.  I thought the name was funny, but conveyed the concept of what we’re doing here.  The League of Underwhelming Miniature Painters is a community organization that my friend Stephen and I just formed with a few goals:

  1. Encourage miniature gamers to paint what they play
  2. Help people learn to paint (better)
  3. Give painters a forum for showing others their models and exchanging knowledge/ideas on how to achieve their results

In order to achieve these goals, LUMP:

  1. Encourages people to participate in game tournaments and other events that include painting as part of the overall experience.
  2. Hosts painting and modeling classes at local game shops.
  3. Provides people with a place to get daily painting news and share pictures of their work.

While we work to launch this site you can visit our Facebook page to find new and exciting content:


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