First 6E Apocalypse Game

I try to play in at least one Warhammer 40K Apocalypse game each year, although I think I missed 2012.  Olde World Gaming hosted a 40,000 point game this past weekend pitting the forces of Order (plus some daemons and Dark Eldar) against the forces of Awesome (Chaos/daemons/traitor guard, Tyranids and some Tau).

I like the rulebook; I picked up the iPad edition.  It’s pretty easy to get through it when needed.  The game was fun, and while our team won, the final score of 79 to 74 was essentially a tie.  We got in 3 rounds in just under 7 hours and using the Exterminatus table helped clean up the game just before the 3rd round.  Good fun had by all.

Here are some pictures of the board as we were getting started.

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Twin-Linked GT Armies on Parade (part 2)

Here are the rest of the pictures that Keith took as promised last night.  I really wish I had taken pictures because there we so many armies that were very nice looking.  Out of 60 armies, 20 were selected by the judges for final scoring.  I would say that there were probably 30 armies (or half the field) that could have made the final cut – Keith’s Tau included.  Not having played at GTs outside the local area I’m not sure if this is normal, but we have a ton of excellent artists that make their way to Great Escape Games for large events.

Elizabeth Foster – 2013 Bay Area Open Champion

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Twin-Linked Armies on Parade (part 1)

I failed as a blogger and took essentially no pictures from the TLGT this past weekend.  Luckily my partner Keith snapped a few pictures, which I’ve included below and will add the rest in part 2 tomorrow.  Sorry for some of the depth of focus, I suppose I can’t complain since I didn’t take any shots.  As I mentioned before there was a ton of Tau, and here are some of the better Tau armies as well as a nasty Space Marine army.



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The Twin Linked Grand Tournament

TLGTA bit of a detour from painting and modelling, but my other love is competitive Warhammer 40K.  I’m lucky enough to have both a small local store where I run 40K leagues once or twice a year and also within about a 20 minute drive from a very large store, Great Escape Games, who hosts two amazing events in alternating months, so you can play in a tournament every month of the year.  Those two events are the Contest of Champions, an escalation tournament that takes place on 6 Saturdays throughout the year, the first 3 round event starts at 1250 points in January and every 2 months another 3 round tournament takes place at 250 point increments.  I’ve played in these events for the past 2 year now.

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Custom Portalglyph (now painted)

A few weeks back I posted up about an order from Fan Forge Products/Conversion Fan Boy, including a custom portalglyph.  Well, with a Grand Tournament coming up this weekend, I finally slapped some paint on this bad boy.

You can see if he has any in stock here:



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