Rumor: Changes coming to White Dwarf (again)

Updated at 11:15am

Today we have a rumor that White Dwarf as we have known it for a little over a year is now history.  It is rumored to be replaced with a monthly hobby magazine and a weekly advertising product.  I subscribed to WD Digital exactly one year ago and have enjoyed the electronic delivery, but have been disappointed by the long-term value of the article content.  I miss the old White Dwarfs that included more regular and in-depth hobby articles.  Content on painting, kit-bashing, terrain building and sample rule sets offer long-term value.  Advertising content for the next month’s release sits on the shelf.

So, if this rumor is true then I ‘m hopeful that this may swing the pendulum back towards good hobby content.  However, no word on how existing subscriptions will translate into one or both of the new products.  I, for one, am glad my subscription doesn’t renew until mid February.  I’m waiting with judgement reserved.

Natfka reports some details here:

And, if you can read German, you can get a little more detail here:

An introduction of a new and expanded White Dwarf team with a few new faces might support this rumor.  Perhaps the staff is gearing up to produce more content:

Update: From Natfka:

White Dwarf Visions (New White Dwarf), is coming soon, February 1st, and there will be new issues every Saturday.  The prices are as follows, and will only be sold at GW Stores and Independents…. no newstands.
– £2.40, €3.20, US$4, CA$5, Aus$6, NZ$7, 25rmb, 12zl, 500¥, 30dkr, 35skr, 35nkr

Whats being revealed is that the magazine will be 32 pages of whats new and exciting in the hobby this week, new releases and other news. There will also be new features that will include hobby oriented material, like techniques for painting and modeling, and new rules, and new authors.

Simple Airbrushing – Screamers of Tzeentch


Ihad been holding off on painting my new plastic Screamers for some time (I actually painted them last September and have been searching for pictures I took ever since).  I won two boxes of three at the Nor Cal Team Tournament in Stockton, CA at Heroes on Paper in early 2013.  A painting award at Olde World Gaming in Elk Grove in mid 2013 netted me another box of three.  I love all my metal screamers for their sleek simplicity, but I also love the detail and ability to customize the new plastic kit.  I was able to assemble all nine screamers without any two models having the same options; love it!

They say mimicry is the greatest form of compliment.  This tutorial is my slight twist on one already published by Element Games.  You can find their tutorial linked just below.  The color scheme is the same, the general approach is the same, I’ve just made some slight modifications to technique, order, basing and a few other minor things here and there.

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Product Review: Alpha Abrasives


While the wargaming community has a split opinion on whether or not painting models is fun, very few people enjoy the tedious task of prepping models. Unfortunately, ignoring a mold line or other casting limitation distracts the viewer from an otherwise great paint job. In pursuit of making preparation as easy as possible, I tried a group of sanding products from Alpha Abrasives and their sub-brand Flex-I-File.

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Cool things I found around the Interwebz (1/7/2014)

As I search through the endless blogs and myriad forum threads I occasionally come across some really interesting pictures, painting techniques or modeling ideas.  Here are a few that I think you all might be interested in.  I found these back in December, but with the holidays I got delayed in posting them up.

Probably the coolest set of Khorne daemon conversions and grim-dark object-source lighted (OSL) models I’ve seen in the last few months.

Khorne Daemon Prince Continue reading

Dark Angels Tactical Squad Mavet

Hey everyone. I’m Erik, the newest contributor to LUMP. I started war gaming back in about 1988 when Rogue Trader was still out and continued to play 40k until shortly after 3rd edition was released. During this period, the internet was virtually non-existent, and the only place to learn to paint seemed to be White Dwarf. Because of this lack of insight, I was painting right out of the pot with terrible Testors brushes. Needless to say, my results were less than spectacular. After 15+ years without gaming I noticed a GW store open up right near my home a little over a year ago. I couldn’t resist checking it out and now I’ve once again been bit by the 40k bug. This time, I’m using the internet to become the painter I always wanted to be.


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