Custom Herald of Slaanesh


I’m finding that my Tzeentch daemons have taken a large Nerf bat to the head.  While the masses are screaming about Malefic conjuration being OP and broken, I’m seeing that psychic powers in general have been relegated to a different role.  Witchfire is now supplemental, rather than a replacement for shooting attacks.  Anyways, I’m having to branch out of my comfort zone to find an army that is competitive for my next tournament.  I’m trying out a Slaanesh army with some Tzeentch support.  I’m planning on running 2 Slaaneshi heralds on foot and a third on a seeker.

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Games Workshop Customer Service for the win


I spent Father’s day enjoying myself and doing little of importance.  After How to Train Your Dragon 2 I was inspired to assemble three Beasts of Nurgle and a set of ten Plague Bearers.  My beasts are older metals kits, back when they came on 40mm bases.  Only 1 of them still was in the blister pack.  Anyway, out of all of them, the model in the blister was missing a piece, the small elbow.  A quick call to GW customer service this morning and I’m expecting a replacement piece in the mail in 8-10 days.

For all of the things I don’t like about the compnay, Games Workshop has always had top notch customer service.  It is the one thing that makes me willing to buy product and keep in on the shelf so that if/when I want it later I have it.  I know that as long as the product is current they will stand by the model and fix any problems.

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