Quick and dirty Plaguebearers

I found a “lost post” from just before my shoulder surgery back in April, 2015.  I needed some plague bearers just in case I needed to summon them in a game.  I’ll post a full tutorial when I work on the next batch of plague bearers, this is just a quick how-to.  I have some older metal models that I need to paint as well.

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Knights! (my road to the Las Vegas Open)


Having fallen in love with an amazing paint scheme concept- that of a blue hot-rod with orange/yellow flames, I’ve spent the last year or so trying to make it a reality.  I’ve finally found my canvas, and it coincides nicely with my desire to take a competitive, but beautiful army to the Las Vegas Open in February 2016.  My immediate goal is to have everything basecoated and based for the Know No Mercy Grand Tournament in October, but the ultimate target is the LVO, and perhaps beyond.

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Forgeworld now using GW Webcart platform

we_moved-smAs was predicted following the most recent GW quarterly report, FW has now migrated their website to the same web cart technology implemented a year ago, or so for the main Games Workshop website.

It looks like everything came over unscathed, however, the FAQs still need an update.

See for yourself:  www.forgeworld.com

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