Tzeentch Daemon Lord WIP

I find that I really enjoy painting larger models. They tend to be both a bit more forgiving technically and easier to work on. Once I “finished” the bloodthirster, I decided to take up a project that had been sitting on my shelf since Christmas of 2013.  I’ve already brought the wings into the same color sequence as the body, but forgot to take a picture.

I’m taking a similar approach and starting from a black primer and base coat and building up the colors.  I used the following colors in sequence:

  • Citadel Black Primer
  • VGA Hexed Lichen (on the bottoms of surfaces)
  • VGA Imperial Blue
  • VMA Signal Blue
  • VMA French Blue
  • VGA Electric Blue
  • VGA Wolf Grey

Yes, that’s a lot of blues, but I find that the progressive color application gives a nice shading.  I also chose to over exaggerate the colors.  Painting instructors have always told me “more contrast” for miniature painting.  I plan to apply a multi-tonal wash to the skin to add more depth of color, but it will also knock down the brightness a shade or two.
I decided to draw my color palette from this Lord of Change.

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3 thoughts on “Tzeentch Daemon Lord WIP

  1. Looking awesome already! I always found its much easier to go darker, then to brighten up later. Going from light to dark (IMO) is a smart way to work, but then everyone has their own style!

    • When I brushpaint, I start with a midtone and blend both up an down from there. It was how I was taught, and it works, so I stick with that. However, with the airbrush, I tend to really thin my paint if I’m going to layer a lot and I like the process of building up color. Probably, because it was how I learned. Funny how we have a realm of comfort that we like to live in.

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