What’s on Pete’s workbench in October 2013?

I’m ashamed of the state of my work bench and my office, so there will be no picture this month.  Hopefully I can clean things up a bit and shoot a picture of my setup next month.

I started using KanBanFlow to track my hobby, but since my Kan Ban board is in a pretty sorry state, I’ll just list my various projects here:



I’m doing a Tzeentch inspired Heldrake.  If you follow our facebook page, you’ve probably seen a few spy shots there.  Inspired by the typical flame style paint job demo’d on buypainted’s YouTube channel, I decided to give flames a try.  I was pleasaently suprised with how reasonable the whole process was to accomplish for a veritable newb with an airbrush.  I’m also trying out Vallejo alcohol based metallics for the edging on this model.  I’m about half done with the model and hope to have it done very shortly.  I’d like to start fielding it, but I don’t field non-painted models outside my own house if I can help it.

Heralds of Tzeentch on Discs
I’ve got one of these that is essentially done, painted to tabletop standards and one that is a serious work in progress.

Pink Horrors
I’ve got 30 of these guys in metal that are painted and based save for teeth and flames.  Another 10 in plastic that need the same done plus the baubles and trinkets on the plastic models.  They’re tabletop, but not done.

Daemon Prince (Tzeentch/Slannesh)
All but the wings are done to tabletop standards.  Nicely based and otherwise finished I just need to bring some better colors and saturation to the wings.


Flesh Hounds
Oneof the first models I painted a few years ago when getting back into the hobby was this collection of 10 Flesh Hounds.  The painting holds up to today, but I need to make the details stand out a bit more.  I recently put them on resin bases that I heavily cutomized.  They are tabletop quality, but I need to finish eyes and teeth and such.


One of my latest projects is my resin Fateweaver.  He is well painted and has an awesome base that I built.  I need to get in and add some details here and there to call him done.  I’ve got no problems fielding him as he is, but I’m just not done yet.

I recently completed a set of nine plastic screamers.  I killed a weekend and love the results.  I’ll them up soon.  This leaves me with a few squads of my old metal screamers.  I’ve got a set of pink and a set of blue screamers that are painted and based, but really need some work now that I’m staring at them next to my newly painted models.

I painted up a set of my old metal flamers about a year and a half ago.  I did them in a rainbow of colors and get compliments on them wherever I take them, but I never finished off all the details.  See a pattern forming here?  Need to finish teeth and magic flames.  I think I’ve got about 12 of them in this state.

Pleasure Demon (counts as Daemon Prince of Slaanesh)
And last, but not least, I have an Ultraforge Pleasure Demon that i’ve laid a base coat of purple flesh on.  I wasn’t sure where to go with the flesh until my class with Misterjustin this weekend.  I’m existed to get back to this model and try to finish it up.

Everything else
I’ve got too many ohter things that are started, but I’ve set them aside and taken them off my bench.  I’ve got to keep myself “limited” on what I’m actively working on.

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