(NSFW) Slaanesh Daemon Prince(ss) – (part 1)

Star Trek NSFW

My most recent painting project is one I’ve been eyeing for quite some time.  Ultraforge makes an amazing model, the Pleasure Demon.  It is a bit on the naughty side, but oh well.  Puritanical Americans will need to get over it.  I finally pulled the trigger on the model a few months ago and decided to start painting it after taking a class by Misterjustin a few weekends ago.  The flesh is going to be a pinkish-purpleish color and I’m planning on blending the flesh to get the results I desire.  Something tells me this will take far longer than I imagine.

This is the model after some mold line cleanup.  Not too bad, but a bit more than I had hoped for.  I also need to fill some bubbles on the underside of one thigh.


I primed black and then did a progressive application of grey and white in a zenithal pattern before starting into the purplish base coat.


Once I had enough base coating done I finished assembling the model.  I pinned both wings and the head with copper rod and let the whip head’s sculpted ball joint serve at the attachment.  I pinned the hooves using acrylic rod with a snug fit.  I find I like the larger snug-fit attachment when I have enough room for it.  I also painted the armor using an alcohol based metallic.  We’ll have to see how it turns out once I weather it a bit.  The base is from Secret Weapon Miniatures and matches the base on my custom Keeper of Secrets (below).




The Keeper of Secrets uses an actual KoS head (the kit comes with two) and a Daemon Prince body that I had lying around, the remnants from someone else’s aborted project.  Since it was missing a foot I tried my hand at sculpting hooves.  They’re not awesome, but will do.  The lower arms are significantly thinned down spares from a Daemon Prince kit and the spare hands are from Tyranid Warriors.  The paint job was a quick table top standard that allowed me to play the model and find out that you need a bunch more Slaanesh stuff on the board to make him work.



More updates on the Daemon Prince(ss) as I have a chance.

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