Editorial – Two Month Anniversary

Today marks two months of operations here at the League of Underwhelming Miniature Painters.  I hope we’re able to continue for many more months and years.  I want to reflect briefly on what we’ve done in the past two months and where we’re headed.  First, if you’re reading this, thank you for taking a few minutes to read our articles.  I hope you get something out of them because without an audience we’re not accomplishing much.  Second, we would appreciate any feedback you have.  If there is something you want to see more of, or just see, please let us know and we’ll do what we can to bring you new content.


While we started posting two months ago, I enabled stats on the blog just a month ago and you can see a steady climb in page views.  It is exciting to see new views and to see our reach expand from just our local community in Elk Grove across the world.  We now have had views from about 10 countries.  To date, Stephen and I have written and published 18 articles in 60 days.  That’s about 1 article every 3 days.  Most of these tend to be updates on projects, because they’re easier to produce, but we know that the articles that are more detailed receive more interest.  Our goal is to produce more in-depth articles, and we have a few ideas in the works:

  • Product reviews
  • Painting and Photography Tutorials

We’ve also attended a painting workshop taught by Justin McCoy of Secret Weapon Miniatures and given a painting workshop at Olde World Gaming.  Both were fun experiences and we’d like to do more of both.  LUMP has also hosted its first gaming event, a painting escalation league.  We’ve got two weeks left to go after the Thanksgiving holiday and it appears to be well received, if not without some complaints about the painting aspect.  The hobby aspect of miniatures gaming is, as always, a love-it or hate-it sort of thing.  We want everyone to love it, but that isn’t always fair or reasonable.

LUMP also has a Facebook page where, in addition to letting people know about new blog posts, we post links to cool articles and pictures from around the Interwebz.  You can find us there at: https://www.facebook.com/#!/Leagueofpainters.  If you like what you see, then like us on Facebook.  As of this article we have 53 likes and are growing slowly.

Looking to the future, especially with the new year approaching and hopefully some new gaming goodies from holiday sales and gifts, we will start listing out some painting and modeling goals.  Stephen says he plans to switch his focus over to his fantasy miniatures for a while in the new year and hopefully have some wonderful new Dwarf and High Elf miniatures to display, along with perhaps some fun painting events such as a painting marathon.  Peter, on the other hand is of two (or perhaps three) minds about where to go from here. He has some Ogres that need painting, as well as Space Wolf and Tyranid armies that might be fun to get back to painting and playing.  I suppose we’ll see what the new year will bring.

As we move into the holiday season we hope you enjoy time with your family and friends, play a few games, and paint some miniatures!

Pete and Stephen

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