The Twin Linked Grand Tournament

TLGTA bit of a detour from painting and modelling, but my other love is competitive Warhammer 40K.  I’m lucky enough to have both a small local store where I run 40K leagues once or twice a year and also within about a 20 minute drive from a very large store, Great Escape Games, who hosts two amazing events in alternating months, so you can play in a tournament every month of the year.  Those two events are the Contest of Champions, an escalation tournament that takes place on 6 Saturdays throughout the year, the first 3 round event starts at 1250 points in January and every 2 months another 3 round tournament takes place at 250 point increments.  I’ve played in these events for the past 2 year now.

The other event, and probably my favorite of the two (though by a slim margin) is the Twin-Linked tournament series, the brainchild of Mark Broughton.  These events are a team tournament with partners each taking 1000 point lists (all armies are allies of convenience) and having a good time trying to clobber your opponents without coming to blows with your partner.  This year Mark ran a 2 day GT to finish off the season.  With 30 teams in attendance (and a ton of Tau) we had a blast.  Keith Henderson and I, team Surf n’ Turf, taking 9th place (results here) we finished in the middle of the pack (3W/2L/1D).  One of the amazing things about the TL series is the caliber of player and the great painted armies.  20 armies were chosen by the judges to compete for painting (mine among them) and all were well above table-top quality.

The winner of the painting competition was Ricky Briggs.  While I didn’t get a picture of all his army, I did get a shot of his amazing Heldrake.  I’ve offered him a spot on the blog to post anything he paints and I hope he’ll accept.



Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures of all the other awesome armies.  I’m kicking myself right now because there were so many awesome armies, but after the first day I was beginning to show my age in aches and pains.

You can find more coverage of the event below:
Pictures (part 1)
Pictures (part 2)

A parting shot with all the attendees.  Great group of guys (and Lyzz of Bay Area Open fame) all around.


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