Anything goes in 40K games at Warhammer World?


The Warrior’s Code is a document maintained by the staff at Warhammer World, Games Workshop’s own massive gaming facility at their headquarters in Nottingham, England.  This is seen as one standard on which other players base what is “legal” in their games in so much as it drives list building for many people in the UK who travel to Warhammer World for major events such as the Throne of Skulls.

The latest version, 1.4, released today, now includes these additions to legal army lists for Warhammer 40K:

  • A Warhammer 40,000 Codex and/or Codex Supplement
  • The Escalation, Death from the Skies and Stronghold Assault publications
  • A Forge World publication (including digital updates)
  • Forge World Experimental Rules
  • Dataslates
  • The “Horus Heresy” publications will only be in use where the Event Pack specifically says so.

Update: What does this mean for you local gaming meta?  Maybe nothing, but it continues to trend towards allowing everything and the kitchen sink into 40K games.  Food for thought.

In case you want to see v1.3 (just released a few months ago) I’ve linked it here:

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