The Independent Characters 2014 Hobby Progress Challenge


This year LUMP plans to take part in what’s become a very popular contest, the Independent Characters (IC) Hobby Progress Challenge (HPC). The IC Hobby Progress Challenge aims to get more people in the community to field painted models. What started as a small challenge a few years ago has blossomed into a pretty large group of challengers this year. The rules are relatively straightforward and are summarized here: 

To quickly summarize, each participant creates a 2000 point list that they plan to paint over the year. That 2000 points is split up into two 1000 point forces to be finished over each half of this year. From those forces, you are expected to then paint a  unit every month. The more units that are painted on time, the more chances you have to win a prize. Further entries are given to those that complete the whole thing in its entirety. One restriction this year is that the first half needs to be Zone Mortalis legal. Zone Mortalis is a new way to play 40k from Forge World, and for the most part this simply means that vehicles can’t be chosen.

For those that don’t know, the Independent Characters are among the most loved of the 40K podcasts by the gaming community. While other podcasts tend to have a focus (comedy, fluff, tactics), the IC podcast covers a broad range of subjects including the hobby, the community and even book reviews. If all of that weren’t enough, the hosts are located in the Bay Area, making even more of their discussion relevant to us here in Sacramento. If you haven’t listened to them yet, I highly recommend giving them a try.

My personal plans consist of further bolstering my current Dark Angels army. The first half will consist of a Deathwing force consisting of Deathwing Knights, a Deathwing Command Squad, Belial, and a thunder hammer/storm shield standard Deathwing squad. So far I haven’t quite fleshed out exactly what I’ll do for the second half, but judging by the stack of models that I have there should be quite a few vehicles involved. Peter, on the other hand seems to be inspired by the newest codex and is making plans to do a tyranid horde for his challenge. Links to our required IC forum threads for these challenges can be found in the “Gallery” tab of this site, but expect regular updates on this blog as well.

One final note- the IC HPC is still open to enter and doesn’t require you to be an outstanding painter, but simply requires you to have the will  and wherewithal to get your stuff painted. I hope some of our readers will enter, and if you do make sure to post up here and let us know.



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