HPC: Deathwing Squad Sariel Complete


The first challenge month of the IC HPC is February, but with an unpredictable school schedule on the horizon I was determined to get ahead to give myself some cushion room in the event that I need it. To that end, I’ve spent the month of January working on my first squad; a unit of five Deathwing Terminators armed with thunder hammers and storm shields.



As usual, I spent a good amount of time prepping and cleaning these models. I found that getting them into dynamic and natural looking poses proved to be challenging, especially the one with a cyclone missile launcher. I used poster-tac to try out a bunch of poses until I settled on the above. I left the shields off for painting access, and mounted the parts to cork for handling.



I did zenithal highlighting for the bone colored parts, starting with VMA Medium Camo Brown and working through  four colors up to VMA Sand to get a smooth transition.



I then did all of the base colors using a brush, trying to get even coverage.



Next I did shading by oil washes.



To get smooth transitions on the cape I chose to use many watered down layers of paint rather than using the airbrush. This allows more control and can give a more dramatic effect when done well.

IMG_0253After multiple highlights, the models were almost done. The golds still needed to be painted using Vallejo’s “Liquid Gold” alcohol paint line.


The urban rubble bases were then done. A tutorial for these is covered here- http://www.leagueofpainters.com/?p=872.



The finished models were then mounted on the bases.









With the February unit finished I now plan to start on the Deathwing Knights that are lined up next in the queue. If you’d like to see a tutorial on any of the techniques seen here or that will likely be seen on the Knights, let me know and I’ll do my best to make it.



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