HPC: Splinter Fleet Syvyys – Genestealers and Spore Mines


Here is a status update shot on Splinter Fleet Syvyys. Syvyys is Fenrisian for abyss, as it was the Space Wolves who first encountered this suspected Leviathan splinter fleet. These lurkers are “tabletop” quality, but far from done. Since I’m trying to get enough models painted to start playing games with my Tyranids I’m painting to this level and then I’ll come back later and finish off the details.  To the right you can just make out some of my older Tyranids that I picked up already painted about 3 years ago.  They will get the update treatment once I have enough of my new models painted.

Some work in progress pictures below while I was painting the models above.


What do those scything talons belong to? I must have a few warriors in the works.



Finally, a work in progress shot of a base for a biovore. Coming up with custom bases for the biovores is proving to be a challenge because the models are really squat and take up most of the base. So, I need a flat spot for the model and have to get creative with where I can add custom bits.


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