First 6E Apocalypse Game

I try to play in at least one Warhammer 40K Apocalypse game each year, although I think I missed 2012.  Olde World Gaming hosted a 40,000 point game this past weekend pitting the forces of Order (plus some daemons and Dark Eldar) against the forces of Awesome (Chaos/daemons/traitor guard, Tyranids and some Tau).

I like the rulebook; I picked up the iPad edition.  It’s pretty easy to get through it when needed.  The game was fun, and while our team won, the final score of 79 to 74 was essentially a tie.  We got in 3 rounds in just under 7 hours and using the Exterminatus table helped clean up the game just before the 3rd round.  Good fun had by all.

Here are some pictures of the board as we were getting started.

20131216-130200.jpg Continue reading

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