Here Be Dragons… A new RPG written by a friend of the League

HC 1
Every now and then I write an article on something other than painting.  Lately, I just need to write articles.  Anyway, a friend of the blog sent me an update on a funded Kickstarter, HC SVNT DRACONES.  That’s Latin for Here Be Dragons.  A reference to uncharted territory on maps and globes from the early 16th century.
Anyway, I got a link to the game over onDriveThruRPG, where it is sitting at the #6 hottest title:

I downloaded a copy to see that the game is all about.  The rulebook comes in just under 300 pages with beautiful full color artwork throughout, a sharp layout, and an attractive price. Right now you can pay whatever price you feel the book is worth.  I don’t have a ton of time to play RPGs lately, but I did take a look through the book.  Here’s what I’ve found:

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My Airbrush Setup

I get questions regularly on what hardware I use in my airbrush setup.  Below I’ll show you what I use and some alternatives if you want to save a few bucks.  I’m linking to various vendors; however, I don’t get any payment for these items, so buy where you’re most convenient.


Air Brush – I have two, and I like the cheaper one better

  • Iwata HP-C Plus – this was my first brush.  It is better made than my Neo; however, I use the Neo day in and out for the reasons I will explain below.
  • Iwata Neo CN – I bought this brush locally on sale for about $40.  You can get it on Amazon for under $55, and close to $40 at Dick Blick right now..  This is a great brush that will take you from beginner to experienced intermediate and perhaps beyond.

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Product Review: Chapterhouse Studios Space Bug Defense Lines


February was a good month for me for Kickstarters.  I received 3 shipments, completing my Frontline Gaming/Tablewar Megamat, Tablewar Mini Case and finally, my Chapterhouse Studios Defense line sets.  Both Tablewar and Frontline Gaming were spot on, or darn close on shipment timelines.

If you want to see some of the other designs you can checkout the already funded CHS kickstarter here. Continue reading

Product Review: Alpha Abrasives


While the wargaming community has a split opinion on whether or not painting models is fun, very few people enjoy the tedious task of prepping models. Unfortunately, ignoring a mold line or other casting limitation distracts the viewer from an otherwise great paint job. In pursuit of making preparation as easy as possible, I tried a group of sanding products from Alpha Abrasives and their sub-brand Flex-I-File.

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