Rumor: Three Tyranid Dataslates Incoming


Updated: 9:03 PM PT

Just an hour ago, Eddie, announced on the Games Workshop: Digital Editions Facebook page that we’ll be seeing 3 data slates for Tyranids incoming in the near future:

“We announced in this month’s issue of White Dwarf that, starting later this month, the first in a trilogy of new Tyranid Dataslates will be released.  All three of these are going to have new datasheet formations for Tyranid armies to use, and if you’re a fan of Genestealers (I know i am, far to many games of Space Hulk in my teenage years), I think you’re going to like the first installment in the trilogy.”

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Rumor: Changes coming to White Dwarf (again)

Updated at 11:15am

Today we have a rumor that White Dwarf as we have known it for a little over a year is now history.  It is rumored to be replaced with a monthly hobby magazine and a weekly advertising product.  I subscribed to WD Digital exactly one year ago and have enjoyed the electronic delivery, but have been disappointed by the long-term value of the article content.  I miss the old White Dwarfs that included more regular and in-depth hobby articles.  Content on painting, kit-bashing, terrain building and sample rule sets offer long-term value.  Advertising content for the next month’s release sits on the shelf.

So, if this rumor is true then I ‘m hopeful that this may swing the pendulum back towards good hobby content.  However, no word on how existing subscriptions will translate into one or both of the new products.  I, for one, am glad my subscription doesn’t renew until mid February.  I’m waiting with judgement reserved.

Natfka reports some details here:

And, if you can read German, you can get a little more detail here:

An introduction of a new and expanded White Dwarf team with a few new faces might support this rumor.  Perhaps the staff is gearing up to produce more content:

Update: From Natfka:

White Dwarf Visions (New White Dwarf), is coming soon, February 1st, and there will be new issues every Saturday.  The prices are as follows, and will only be sold at GW Stores and Independents…. no newstands.
– £2.40, €3.20, US$4, CA$5, Aus$6, NZ$7, 25rmb, 12zl, 500¥, 30dkr, 35skr, 35nkr

Whats being revealed is that the magazine will be 32 pages of whats new and exciting in the hobby this week, new releases and other news. There will also be new features that will include hobby oriented material, like techniques for painting and modeling, and new rules, and new authors.

New Rumor – Tzeentch 40K Supplement incoming – December 2013

First off, this is MY rumor, based upon nothing other than wild speculation and while I’m probably wrong, it would be awesome if I’m right.  I know nothing about what could be in such a book, but this is what I think SHOULD be in a proper Tzeentch supplement.


  • All units must be marked or daemons of Tzeentch (or CSM vehicle units that cannot be marked).


  • Daemonic instability rule is relaxed to allow cross joining of ICs and units between codices.

If we got NOTHING else, this would be freaking awesome!


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