No Mercy 2, more than half sold out

no_mercyNo Mercy 2: Revenge of the Imperium is the second tournament that LUMP will have run, come June 14, 2015.  Tickets went up for sale on Sunday night, and less than 48 hours later 28 of the 48 spots have been reserved and paid for.  Whether a renewed interest in competitive play brought on by the ITC, BAO and LVO is in play, or people heard about the level of prize support given out at the first No Mercy, or the fact that we run a tight event has helped, I’m thrilled to have the initial response be so positive.

That said, if you’re on the fence about attending don’t wait too long to get your ticket.

Competitive 40K, like a phoenix from the ashes

igt_logo__01_1-300x216Depending on which blogs you read and which podcasts you listen to, you might have heard that competitive 40K is dead, or dying, or so out of control its not fun.  Evidently the 2015 Adepticon 40K main event didn’t sell out in under and hour (as I’ve heard it has the past few years) and this is being touted as proof positive.  I know that the last three years, since the demise of 5th edition, locally our tournament scene has been hurting a bit.  The local premiere event sold out at 90 players in January 2012.  We’ve been lucky to sell half that number of tickets the last 3 years.  This gave rise to a feeling of doom and gloom about the state of competitive 40K.  However, with the conclusion of the 2015 Las Vegas Open, hosted by Frontline Gaming, that cloud appears to have lifted.

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LVO Last Chance 40K Practice Tournament


League of Underwhelming Miniature Painters presents the “LVO Last Chance 40K Practice Tournament” hosted by Great Escape Games and sponsored by BattleComm in Sacramento, CA on Sunday February 8, 2015.

  • First Round begins promptly at 10am, check-in at 9:45
  • Entry fee is $15
  • The address is 1250 Howe Avenue, suite 3A, Sacramento, CA 95825

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The Twin Linked Grand Tournament

TLGTA bit of a detour from painting and modelling, but my other love is competitive Warhammer 40K.  I’m lucky enough to have both a small local store where I run 40K leagues once or twice a year and also within about a 20 minute drive from a very large store, Great Escape Games, who hosts two amazing events in alternating months, so you can play in a tournament every month of the year.  Those two events are the Contest of Champions, an escalation tournament that takes place on 6 Saturdays throughout the year, the first 3 round event starts at 1250 points in January and every 2 months another 3 round tournament takes place at 250 point increments.  I’ve played in these events for the past 2 year now.

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