HPC: Deathwing Knight Squad Batariel Complete


Another month passed, another challenge completed. I made the questionable choice to paint the most ornate and difficult squad in my army on the shortest month of the year. It was down to the wire at 9:00 PM on the last night of the month, but I managed to finish and take pictures while the paint was still drying.


I started off the project with my typical method of cleaning the mold lines, posing, and mounting the models on cork. I kept a few of the parts separate to give me better access to the model with the brush. Mounting the parts on cork gives me a good way to hold the models while painting and reduces smudges and wear.



After priming, I airbrushed the model with four colors in a gradient from dark brown up to ivory. It pays off during this step to be mindful of airbrush spatter and color overlap. Accidentally spraying the lightest color over one of the darker colors creates a desaturated color that isn’t as interesting and can be hard to replicate if a mistake is made.



Next I did a basic base coat on the models, using an orange/brown on the gold areas. I tend to use lighter colors for areas that will be glazed (the fabrics in this piece) as the glazes are more easily used for shading. In contrast, for more traditionally painted parts (the whites and stone parts in this instance), I tend to start dark and work my way up with highlights.



After the base coats were coats were completed, I did an oil wash. My method for doing this can be found in my How to Use Oil Washes and Filters article.


After the oil wash, I started on the slow process of glazing the fabric. I did this with many successive thin layers of paint and Vallejo glaze medium. While the process is tedious and slow, the results are worth it.



After some basic highlights, the faces, metallics, and the bases, the squad was completed.












After the amount of time that I put into painting for the month of February, I’m planning on taking my time on a single independent character this month: Belial. The free time should allow me to do some more thorough articles on some of the techniques that I use, most of which are not dissimilar to the ones used on the Deathwing Knights. As always, if you’d like to see something specific covered in more detail, let me know and I’ll do my best to cover it.

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6 thoughts on “HPC: Deathwing Knight Squad Batariel Complete

  1. Great looking squad!

    I would love to see a tutorial on how you do your cloth and the glazing technique in general, it looks really good

    • I’m sure Erik will respond, but I use paperclips and a small pin vise (drill) with a dab of superglue. You can later either pull the clips out or cut them off flush, or use the clip as a mounting point into the resin base.

      • Hi, Peter.

        Thanks so much for the advice, I’m now on the hunt for corks :).

        I just want to say thank you for this site as well, I spent all of yesterday looking through your articles and I’m blown away by the level of art you guys achieve with each of your projects.

        I’ve only been playing 40k for a year and rushed my models to get them table ready to play. It’s only recently that I have been taking a serious look at how I want my models to look regarding painting. I invested in an airbrush two days ago so am still learning the very basics. I know it will be a long time before I can achieve the results that you guys have here but your incredible models have given me a target to aim for.

        All the best and thank you again.


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