Fall 2013 Warhammer 40K League Standings/ Results

This page will continue to be updated each week until the League is over and prizes have been awarded.

No.NameArmy/ AllyWk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4Wk 5Wk 6Wk 7Total
1Peter KellyCD/ CSM5.
2Stephen HabetsOrks/ IG5.
3James DeBenedettiDE/ Eldar1.
4Keith HendersonTau/ SM(UM)
5Joel LucasSM(WS)/ SM(?)
6Chris DyerDA/ SW4.
7Dante DeBenedettiSM(UM)/ SM(IH)
8Martin ManningCSM/ Orks0.
9James LoftonTyranids0.
10Grant WhiteEldar/ Tau4.
11Anthony DavilaTau/ SW4.
12Richard WestberryIG/ SM(?)


Prizes will be awarded for the following accomplishments.  Players can only win the highest award they qualify for.

  1. League Champion – Awarded to the player with the highest battle score after all flights (prize: equivalent to 35% of fees – $63 in store credit).
  2. First Mate – Awarded to the player with the 2nd highest battle score after both flights (prize: equivalent to 20% of fees minus the prize for last place – $21 (36-15) in store credit).
  3. It’s all down hill from here… – Awarded to the team with highest score total from all their doubles games (prize: equivalent to 20% of fees – $36 ($18 each) in store credit).
  4. I have not yet begun to fight! – Awarded to the player with the highest score total from all their games in flight 2 (prize: equivalent to 25% of League fees – $45 in store credit).
  5. Hey, I actually beat someone… – Awarded to the player who wins the last place match up in the final week (prize: equivalent to League entry fee – $15 in store credit).

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