Know No Mercy GT – October 3-4, 2015

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League of Underwhelming Miniature Painters presents its first Grand Tournament and the first single Warhammer 40K GT to be held in Sacramento since Capital Punishment in 2005.  “Know No Mercy GT” (KNMGT) hosted at Great Escape Games in Sacramento, CA is being held Saturday and Sunday October 3-4, 2015.  he event is an Independent Tournament Circuit (ITC) event; however it will use a modified ITC FAQ and will use a collection of missions drawn from an inspired by other events, but specific to the KNMGT.

  • 15 tickets left
  • 1850 points, Battle-forged (see Army Construction below)
  • 6 round, 2 day tournament
  • First Round begins promptly at 9:30am, check-in will begin no later than 9:00am
  • Entry fee is $50 (via PayPal cart below)
  • The address is 1250 Howe Avenue, suite 3A, Sacramento, CA 95825
  • Current attendee roster can be found here:
  • Email to request a spot on the waitlist, when the event sells out.

Buy your ticket here:

igt_logo__01_1-300x216The event mission primer has not been finalized; however, it will feature a myriad of styles sure to test even the greatest general.  The 6 rounds will include two missions sure to be familiar to veteran ITC competitors, two mission familiar to NOVA attendees, a simple Purge the Alien that everyone loves and a chance to apply your army’s flexibility in a Maelstrom of War with a small twist (the ability to use army specific cards and discard multiple objectives per turn). We will not be checking lists in advance, and only on the day of the event if someone questions a list’s validity – the event is run on the honor system (an illegal list will result in losses for all rounds leading up to the identification and intentional cheating will result in an immediate DQ and placement on our naughty list).

On Sunday, October 4th, all players who are out of the running for the title, and to whom ITC points standing will not matter, will receive free entry in to No Mercy 3, a 3 round RTT.  Basically, we’re giving everyone who gets knocked out on day 1, a second chance to be the winner (of a 3 round RTT).  What more could you ask for, then 2 chances to win?

TopLogo_NewWebsiteFrequently Asked Questions

We will keep a living FAQ that will be updated after each ITC FAQ update. FAQ answers that differ from the ITC FAQ will be highlighted.  The current version of the KNMGT FAQ can be found below.  It will be updated as the ITC FAQ is updated or other rules need clarification.

Rules Modifications

We are not intentionally modifying core rules within the game. This means that Invisibility, Destroyer Weapons, re-rollable saves and the allies matrix will function per the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook.

Tournament Scoring

It the intention of the event organizers to allow all army types to compete how they are best adapted to play the game. This means that there will be multiple ways to win in many of the missions. Also, the event has a hard cap of 64 players, which means that there is a natural victor, so battle point scores will only be relevant to determine placing where win paths are tied from 3rd place and lower.

The mission primer can be found here.  It is subject to revision and refinement until 30 days prior to the event.

No Mercy 3 RTT

In order to give players a 2nd chance at winning an event, on October 4th (day 2 of the GT) we will also be running No Mercy 3. At the end of day 1 of KNMGT there will be 32 players who have accumulated at least 1 loss. Those players in the bottom half of the tournament bracket will be unable to place or score any significant amount of ITC points. They will be dropped from the GT automatically and automatically entered into No Mercy 3 at no additional cost. NM3 and the last 3 rounds of the GT will be run concurrently on October 4.

Since No Mercy 3 RTT will be treated as an entirely separate event for scoring purposes (even though it will occur in the same location as the GT) participants are not required to use the same army list they used for the GT.  The same army list restrictions and allowances still apply.  The RTT is not open to individuals who did not participate in the GT unless space allows the day of, on a first come-first serve basis (added 7/29/15 based upon inquiry).

Army Construction

Armies must be Battle-forged and contain no more than 1850 points.  Assemble armies using any legal combination of detachments/formations/data slates as long as the army is “battle-forged” per the BRB.  Unbound armies will not be allowed.  Forge World units that are 40K approved and any Forge World army list that has been updated for 7th Edition are allowed.  Forge World “experimental” rules will not be allowed (updated 7/29/15 to clarify “battle-forged”).

Games Workshop has been releasing new and revised armies at an unprecedented rate. Because our GT will incorporate both generalship and hobby (painting and modeling) we do not want to force players to change their army close to the event. A such, we will handle new/replacement codexes as follows (by release date):

Release Date -> Before Aug 23 Between Aug 23 and Sep. 12 On/After Sep. 13
Previous Codex Not allowed Optional Only option
New Codex Only option Optional Not allowed

Other items of note:

    • All armies must have at least three colors on every model. There are no basing requirements.
    • Remember to bring 8 printed (on paper) legible copies of your army list to provide each of your opponents, the tournament organizer and a copy for yourself.  Army lists should be typed and include all optional war gear and points.
    • You must have full size printed copy of rules, or original rules on a tablet sized electronic device.  Cell-phone sized rules will not be allowed.  For rules that are only available in hard copy, you must have the original book in your possession, even if you choose to also bring a copy of relevant pages.  Exception: rules that are no longer available or were only sold as a limited edition exclusive – you may bring a copy if it is of high quality and perfectly legible.  We do not condone piracy.
    • I am working with other event organizers to compare our naughty lists. Things that get you on a naughty list include cheating, no showing without advance notification, and unacceptable sportsmanship. Anyone found to have been on a naughty list may be removed from the event in advance (I’ll notify you) and any naughty behavior will find you leaving the event early.
    • We believe that table terrain is important. At No Mercy 1 and 2, we had large center line of sight blockers. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, so we will bring these back for Know No Mercy GT; however they will be reduced slightly in size. You can expect tables that are similar to those from the LVO this past year, although the actual types of terrain are not identical, table coverage will be solid.

Purchase your ticket

The event will cost $50.  Final mission packets and rules will be posted no later than August 9th.  Refunds will not be provided after August 28, 2015.  Refunds that are given will be less $5 for paypal/administrative fees.  Tickets are transferable more than 24 hours prior to the event with email confirmation from the tournament organizer.  he prize pool will be divided between awards and raffles for both the GT and the RTT.

Prizes and awards

Because of our partnership with Great Escape Games, 100% of the ticket entry fee goes to prize support, awards, and our minimal operating expenses (paper, raffle tickets, paypal fees, etc.).  Each event, the GT and the RTT, will have prizes for

Best Overall – this is the big kahuna.  The player with the highest combined generalship and hobby score will win this award.  In addition to paid prize support, our sponsor Powered Play Gaming will be giving away a sizable gift card that you can use to light up a future hobby project.

Best General – ITC points and ETC qualification standings are awarded soley on generalship ranking, as is this prize.

Best Hobbyist – You can suck at moving your models to the right place at the right time, but your army looks good while doing it.  Hobbying scores will be awarded on a curve similar to the natural results of a 3/6 round event.  The best of the best will win this award.  In addition to paid prize support, our sponsor Powered Play Gaming will be giving away a sizable gift card that you can use to light up a future hobby project.

Raffle – As is our custom, the more you play, the more raffle entries you get.  Also, if playing results in losing, then you get even more raffle entries.  A very large portion of entry fees go into the raffle.

Wooden Spoon – Sometimes things just don’t go your way, but if you’re unlucky enough to be on the losing end 6 times in a row, you’ll get a hand crafted wooden spoon made by our very own Dawson Davis.  We’ll probably also through in something fun.

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