Update: IA13 contains updated rules for Greater Daemons too!

ia13Forge World previewed the new Imperial Armour 13 on Monday and then tempted us with more details yesterday.

However, it sounded like the book was Chaos Space Marine and Renegades only, so I sent off a quick email to FW.

Q: “Can you tell me if the new IA13 will have updated rules for the greater daemons too?”

A: “IA13 will include updated rules for all of our Chaos 40k models.”

via Forgeworld
The latest edition to the Imperial Armour book range includes profiles and rules for the vehicles of the Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Titans, Daemon Engines and the armoured vehicles of the Heretic and the Renegade.

It also includes a complete army list for the forces of the Renegade and the Heretic, alongside extensive details on the dark heraldry and blasphemous iconography used by the traitorous Chaos Space Marines.

Presented in a unique slip case and including a exclusive double-sided A1 poster, this special edition is limited to 2,000 copies worldwide and is available to buy for the first time at Warhammer Fest.

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