Buy local – new game company “Fire Squadron”


I have two friends, Andy and Tracy, who have been talking about starting a game company as long as I’ve known them.  Well, they’ve finally done it.  Their Kickstarter was launched, and funded inside a few days.  There is still time to get on board:

With 18 days left I expect they will unlock most, if not all of their stretch goals.  At $15, the game is a steal.  How do I know, I got to play test it before they launched their Kickstarter.  This game is LUMP approved.

Anyway, the game is a light-hearted, but dark topic’d game of stashing stolen black market goods in conspicuous warehouses in order to make millions.  All the while your competitors are raiding your warehouses, calling in bribes and generally running amuck.

The game plays quickly and works with gamers and non-gamers equally.  The replay value is in the crafty and insidious interactions with friends, rather than any higher-order strategy.  Not that the game is devoid of strategy, mind you, but your friend that can can count cards and always know the right move will be befuddled.

You can check out the Kicktraq here:


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