Daemon Lord of Tzeentch

This coming weekend I will get to use my Daemon Lord of Tzeentch for the second time in the 2.5 years I’ve had it.  The first time was an apocalypse game and it was primers white.

When I last posted anything, I had put a simple base coat on the model when IA13 was released and made it unplayable in any games but apocalypse.

actinic lights anyone?

Heading to Matrix Cards and Games in Redding, CA and the format allows me to include a 30K leviathan detachment.  I signed up on Sunday and I leave this Friday night, so I had to get painting.

quick colors with the airbrush

Using nothing but AV game air paint, I added color to the robes using a dark purple, lavender and pink flesh tone.  The skin uses about 4 shades of blue, a purple, green and orange.  I hit any other parts with a base coat of color as I saw fit.

hey, that’s a big staff you have there

I used a similar washing technique to the one I used on the  bloodthirsty, but used an airbrush medium from liquitex to dilute the wash already on the model if I needed to tone down the depth of color.

are you checking me out?

More to come this week.

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