Quick and dirty Plaguebearers

I found a “lost post” from just before my shoulder surgery back in April, 2015.  I needed some plague bearers just in case I needed to summon them in a game.  I’ll post a full tutorial when I work on the next batch of plague bearers, this is just a quick how-to.  I have some older metal models that I need to paint as well.

I started with multiple thin coat of Vallejo Grey Airbrush Primer.

The flesh was a simple 3 step process (airbrush 1 & 2, brush wash 3):

  1. Basecoat – VMA US Dark Green 71016
  2. Zenithal Highlight – 7:5:2 VGA Dead Flesh 72.735, VGA Moon Yellow 72.705, Distilled Water
  3. Wash 3:1 – Citadel Athonian Camoshade: Distilled Water

I sprayed a thin basecoat on the Plagueswords, Instruments, Banners, etc. with Daler Rowney FW Ink (FW for short) Burnt Umber 223

After this I picked up a brush and hit all the nails, broken bones and teeth with VGA bonewhite 72.734

Then I brushed on a coat of Squid Pink 72.713 on the guts, tongues and about half of the exposed wounds.

Once it dried I used Citadel Carroburg Crimson heavily on all the wounds, and Citadel Agrax Earthshade on the nails and teeth.

One final touch was VGC Orange Fire on the pustules.

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2 thoughts on “Quick and dirty Plaguebearers

    • Thank you. I really dislike playing with unpainted models, so most of my models are “tabletop” which means I spent a lot of thought trying to figure out what would look good, executed the most important part and then never get around to finishing the details… About once every few months I head to an event where painting scores matter and I go through an army and try to finish all the missing details. Not sure when that will happen for these poor guys.

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