New Rumor – Tzeentch 40K Supplement incoming – December 2013

First off, this is MY rumor, based upon nothing other than wild speculation and while I’m probably wrong, it would be awesome if I’m right.  I know nothing about what could be in such a book, but this is what I think SHOULD be in a proper Tzeentch supplement.


  • All units must be marked or daemons of Tzeentch (or CSM vehicle units that cannot be marked).


  • Daemonic instability rule is relaxed to allow cross joining of ICs and units between codices.

If we got NOTHING else, this would be freaking awesome!


This is why I think we’ll get a supplement in December:

1. The Chaos Collection is released in December


2. Fire – lots of it.  And it matches the Daemon Prince box.  Well, kind of, if you squint and wish real hard.


3. There is obviously a clawed wing in that picture.

FB - DP only - claw

4. That claw looks just like a Daemon Prince’s hand.

5. Tzeentch is fire.  Warpflame, Flicking Fire, Soul Blaze, etc., etc., etc.

6. I REALLY want it to be true.


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