Painting Fateweaver (part 1)

I’m not a huge fan of large metal models, especially with wings. So, when I decided to finally paint a Fateweaver model (I had proxied my Lord of Change for quite a long while) I opted for the Finecast. Not without problems, but I hoped it would be less prone to breaking.


I decided to go with the traditional color scheme from the studio painters. Here I’ve blocked out the base colors for the body.


I began to shade the model in this picture.


Feathers lend themselves to dry-brushing.


Here, I’ve blended multiple colors in the feathers using both dry brushing and washes.


I figured that Fateweaver needed to stand a little taller in 6th edition now that he no longer runs away, so I built up a building turret.  I had the idea of a turret coming up from the desert sands like a scene I saw in the Avatar – The Last Airbender series.


Nothing speaks of strategy like a chess board (albeit missing a few squares). 


I used the spare Thousand Son torso from the Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf kit.  Fateweaver makes no pretense to protect his followers, he has his own agenda.


Here, I’m gluing down the sand and shading the model.


I probably skipped a few pictures between the last and this one, but only because I didn’t take any.  I still need to finish the model, but at least he’s usable on the table at this point.

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