Contest of Champions

I played in an RTT last Saturday and while I did horribly, in part because I was not expecting full maelstrom missions, and in part due to poor generalship, I came home with a prize for best painted model and new bloodthirster model to assemble and paint.  I spent this past week getting ready for the Contest of Champions 1850 ITC event yesterday, July 25th.  I had 3 great games, and played the final game on table #1 against Mr. Paul McKelvey.  We had a tough fought 5 round game which resulted in a tie and neither of us winning the event.  However, I won both the Player’s Choice/Best Painted and Best Sportsmanship awards.  Here are the bulk of the models I took with me.


Know No Mercy GT – Tickets on Sale

no-mercyTickets are now on sale for the GT; the first 40K singles GT in Sacramento in a decade.  I’m still working on the mission primer, but enough details to get an idea about the breadth of games has been posted.  You can read more about it, and buy your tickets here.

And with that, I’m off to get myself ready for the Bay Area Open this coming weekend.

Trolls Under the Bridge – Sisters of Battle Bits

HKM-003_1024x1024I recently ran across a company that makes bits compatible with the Sisters of Battle esthetic, including this cool themed Hunter-Killer Missile. You should check them out. I’ve got an order of one of each of their items that I’m waiting on. I’ll post pictures and a review when they arrive.

No Mercy 2, more than half sold out

no_mercyNo Mercy 2: Revenge of the Imperium is the second tournament that LUMP will have run, come June 14, 2015.  Tickets went up for sale on Sunday night, and less than 48 hours later 28 of the 48 spots have been reserved and paid for.  Whether a renewed interest in competitive play brought on by the ITC, BAO and LVO is in play, or people heard about the level of prize support given out at the first No Mercy, or the fact that we run a tight event has helped, I’m thrilled to have the initial response be so positive.

That said, if you’re on the fence about attending don’t wait too long to get your ticket.

Competitive 40K, like a phoenix from the ashes

igt_logo__01_1-300x216Depending on which blogs you read and which podcasts you listen to, you might have heard that competitive 40K is dead, or dying, or so out of control its not fun.  Evidently the 2015 Adepticon 40K main event didn’t sell out in under and hour (as I’ve heard it has the past few years) and this is being touted as proof positive.  I know that the last three years, since the demise of 5th edition, locally our tournament scene has been hurting a bit.  The local premiere event sold out at 90 players in January 2012.  We’ve been lucky to sell half that number of tickets the last 3 years.  This gave rise to a feeling of doom and gloom about the state of competitive 40K.  However, with the conclusion of the 2015 Las Vegas Open, hosted by Frontline Gaming, that cloud appears to have lifted.

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Playing Chaos Daemons Competitively – An Overview

the_chaos_star_of_chaos_undivided__3_by_snoopyc-d76v6jlAfter the Las Vegas Open, and my horrible showing with a Thunderwolf Cavalry army, I’ve decided to revert to my 40K roots and dedicate the rest of 2015 to playing Chaos Daemons competitively again.  I made a solid 4-2 showing at the 2014 BAO with Chaos Daemons, taking 32nd place out of 114.  Somewhat self-limited by my habit of playing mono-Tzeentch, a habit of mine since I picked up the army in 2011.  At the LVO I had the opportunity to watch Nick Nanavati in his 7th round draw loss to Sean Nayden.  His ability to make the most of an otherwise fickle codex inspired me to double down on Chaos again for the 2015 ITC.  Drawing from that inspiration, as well as friends asking me how to build a viable Chaos Daemon list, I’m writing this series of articles.  This first entry in the series will be an overview of how the codex works and the units that I think are worth a second look.

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Warhammer 40K FAQ updates

FAQ-header1Games Workshop has released a few FAQs for Warhammer 40K (and one for Fantasy as well).

  • Cyberwolves are T5 again
  • Immobilized skimmers cannot jink
  • HoW is always resolved against the front armor of a walker, unless it is immobilized
  • FNP does not help keep your shadowfield up
  • Soul Trap does not benefit from extra wounds when inflicting ID
  • Defkoptas can conduct a bombing run even though they are jetbikes
  • and 1 or 2 other things that didn’t need clarifying

So, all in all, some okay clarifications.  Better than nothing, for sure, but still lots of questions that could use some clarifications.  You can check these out on the new GW Errata page:


Hobby Work Bench Update – Feb 2, 2015

IMG_0517.JPGThe last 2 weeks has been busy.  I’ve been working on my Space Wolves for LVO, helping Darklink with an Eldar army that we’re giving away at my upcoming tournament, and helping another friend try out a color scheme for his Dark Eldar army.  Add in the upcoming Harlequin release, moving our club into our new game room, work, and family, and there hasn’t been much time for getting in games.

Being a 49ers fan, I casually watched the big game today.  This allowed me to finish assembling my Whirlwind Scorpius, finish kitbashing my Rune Priest on bike and lay down some color on a Wraithknight and five Wraithguard.  Pictures follow in no particular order.

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Custom Wolf Priest on Bike (part 1)


I’m working on my Space Wolves army for 2015.  A bit of a New Year’s resolution to stay focused on one army until I complete 2500 points.  I’m playing in a 6 event escalation tournament this year that starts at 1250 and works its way up by 250 point increments.  It does not allow Forge World, so I’ll end up going over 2500 points as I’m also taking Space Wolves to the Las Vegas Open in February.

In a recent game, I decided that I wanted to try out a Wolf Priest on bike with a large Thunderwolf Cavalry “death star.”  There are some tradeoffs to be had, but this article is about the modeling and painting and not the tactics.  So, without further ado, this is what I did over the weekend.

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