Tutorial: Making Pier Bases for your Models


Some models really shine when they have unique, custom bases.  Today’s tutorial comes to us from a new writer, Anthony Adamo.  Anthony is also from Northern California, just about 2 hours from the home base of LUMP.  Please let him know that you like his tutorial and he might just write some more.  You can find out more about Anthony, and the rest of the writers on our About Page here. Continue reading

HPC: Splinter Fleet Syvyys – Genestealers and Spore Mines


Here is a status update shot on Splinter Fleet Syvyys. Syvyys is Fenrisian for abyss, as it was the Space Wolves who first encountered this suspected Leviathan splinter fleet. These lurkers are “tabletop” quality, but far from done. Since I’m trying to get enough models painted to start playing games with my Tyranids I’m painting to this level and then I’ll come back later and finish off the details.  To the right you can just make out some of my older Tyranids that I picked up already painted about 3 years ago.  They will get the update treatment once I have enough of my new models painted.
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Tablewar Mini Case Review (part 1)

I purchased a Mark I Tablewar full size case over a year ago and it quickly became my go-to case for regular local transport of my army to games and tournaments.  I like that I can put units onto small unit trays and then place the unit trays onto either my book shelf at home, or a shelf in the case for transport.  It helps at tournaments to be able to deploy models quickly from my case without dealing with removing models with lots of pointy bits from foam.

When Doug and Todd launched their Kickstarter for the mini case I was the first to back it.  I’m still not entirely sure what I’ll do with the mini case, since it is quite small, but I may use it for transporting models I’m painting or small skirmish armies.


Here’s the dog checking out the package.  She smells something… Continue reading

Contest: 100 Facebook “Likes”

tX60rParty on Wayne – Party on Garth. We hit 69 (and then later we hit 70) likes today! I’m going to run a contest here. When we hit 100 likes I’ll give away a LUMP t-shirt with original art by Tracy Constantine (see the logo above). I’ve been meaning to make myself a shirt to wear to tournaments anyway. The winner will be randomly selected at the end of the month in which we reach 100 likes from the all of the people who “like” us on that date.  The “like” button on the right of the screen will take you to our Facebook page.  We publish our content, plus links to great hobby content you don’t see here on our Facebook page!

HPC: Splinter Fleet Syvyys Color Scheme


For the 2014 Independent Character’s Hobby Progress Challenge (HPC) I’m slowly working on my new Tyranids. I will eventually go back and repaint all of my old Tyranids too, but I have enough in front of me to last the whole year. This year’s HPC uses a 1K Zone Mortalis list for the February through June installation and 1K of expansion for July through November.

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