How to paint Secret Weapon “Urban Rubble” bases


I’m in the process of re-basing my Dark Angels army with a mix of Secret Weapon Miniatures Urban Rubble and Urban Streets themed resin bases. Prior to this project, I was using cork which apparently is heavily frowned upon in painting competitions. Basing is a bit like cleaning and prepping a model in the sense that doing it well likely won’t win you many accolades, but doing it poorly will degrade from an otherwise nice model. The method I’ve started using is fairly straightforward, but uses a few advanced techniques. The tutorial shown here can easily be modified with traditional washes replacing the oil washes, and the pigment phase can be skipped. Furthermore, many of the airbrush steps can be painted using a traditional brush and simply take a bit longer.

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HPC: Tyranid Vanguard Infestation

I’m not sure why, but I’ve really been struggling with a paint scheme for my Tyranids.  I don’t like to paint models the same as the book models.  I like to find my inspiration elsewhere.  I keep coming back to one image that really suits the mood and feel I want out of my nids.  Here is the lictor that I think exemplifies what I’m after, or at least what I think I’m after..


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(NSFW) Slaanesh Daemon Prince(ss) – (part 1)

Star Trek NSFW

My most recent painting project is one I’ve been eyeing for quite some time.  Ultraforge makes an amazing model, the Pleasure Demon.  It is a bit on the naughty side, but oh well.  Puritanical Americans will need to get over it.  I finally pulled the trigger on the model a few months ago and decided to start painting it after taking a class by Misterjustin a few weekends ago.  The flesh is going to be a pinkish-purpleish color and I’m planning on blending the flesh to get the results I desire.  Something tells me this will take far longer than I imagine.

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Tutorial – Priming Models

Lots of White Primer

Lots of White Primer

Why should you use a surface primer?
So, you’re going to paint a model?  Have you ever tried painting a plastic/resin/metal model without priming it first?  I don’t recommend this futile act.  Most plastic, resin and metal surfaces are loathe to take paint without applying a primer first.  Reapers says that you can paint their Bones line of models without priming.  I’ve tried, and unless you’re globbing the paint onto  the model with a spoon it doesn’t really work all that well.  Models need primer, because primer provides your subsequent layers of paint a texture onto which it will grip.  Generally speaking, paint adheres to a model through a mechanical bond (think super glue, not plastic cement – that’s another article).  In other words, paint catches in the micro-recesses on the model’s surface and clings to these imperfections.  The shinier/smoother the model, the worse paint will stick.  So, we want to prime a model to make the surface textured?  Yes, but you don’t want to add a lot of texture, just enough to let the paint grip.

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Forge World Squiggoth


I purchased this Ork Squiggoth back in 2007 at Gamesday Chicago.  I got it out as soon as I got back home to start modeling and playing with it for the casual games with friends.  I even picked up the imperial armour update that it was included in at something like $25 for a book for the rules for a single model.  Needless to say I was in love with the model, or at least the idea of owning a painted ork squiggoth.  Then reality set in and I realized what a beast of a time I was going to have getting the sucker painted up for playing with, so back in the box she went; for six and a half long years.

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